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Five Little Known Facts About Lung Cancer*


1) ANYONE can get Lung Cancer


2) Lung Cancer kills more people than Breast, Colon, Prostate, Kidney and Melanoma


3) The five year survival rate for Lung Cancer is 16% (compared with 90% for Breast Cancer)


4) The number of Women being diagnosed with lung cancer has more than doubled since 1975.


5) Lung Cancer remains the most under-funded and under-researched cancer in America



Take Care of Yourself! 


>>Take advantage of every Preventative Screening available to you, especially if it is covered by your insurance!

>>Schedule an Annual Physical with your Doctor, no matter how young or healthy you may appear to be! Ask if your insurance covers a Chest X-Ray as part of your Annual Physical and ensure your Dr. orders one! Review what your insurance covers and let your Dr. know you want what you pay for!

>>If you were or are a smoker, ask your Dr. if you qualify for the new Lung Cancer Screening, which involves a low dose CT scan.

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